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Alice in Wonderland: The Simulation Paradox

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What if Wonderland was a simulation—a game designed for Alice by her father?


Gpt4 – this helped me express my story ideas and play around with the narrative using ai to back and forth different ideas.


Midjourney – This was used to create my storyboards, my images that I would then bring to life.


Runway Gen2- This was used to animate the film, turning images into videos- I must have made thousands of clips picking and choosing the best moments for the edit. 


Pikalabs- This was used to generate videos with young alice and her father as runway has filters in place that prevent this (for very good reason!) so i used Pikalabs for these shots. 


Elevenlabs – this is used to generate the narration, at first i tried lots of different styles, a classic disney style, a philisophical version with Alan Watts before I landed on Florence which made it feel a lot more personal to Alice, had more impact.


Premeire – edit “

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