Horror & Supernatural


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This film was created during the MIT AI for filmmaking hackathon 2024

 “Mina,” tells the story of a man haunted by the apparition of a woman on a railway, where his daily visits become a search for solace in the face of lost love and places once called home. As he grapples with the closure of the station and the disappearance of the ghostly figure, he discovers that belonging is not just a place, but a feeling found in the unlikeliest of encounters.


 Directors: Hongbo Cai

 Other Credits: Visual: Chenxiao Li; Music: Zuochu Liu, Yicheng Zhu; Sound Design: JoNine Liu

 Tools: Adobe, Midjourney, Runway, Other apps.

 0:00-3:36 Elevenlabs created.

 0:00-3:36 human created

 Generating pictures from text, then generating video from pictures. Recorded VO then generate AI VO from voice. Generated music from text to get inspiration.

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