Ai Film Craft is a showcase of the best AI-powered films and animations

Hey there, my name is Andy Wood and I’d like to welcome you to my ai-assisted film showcase.

AI Film Craft began as a passion project of mine. After nearly twenty years in the media and entertainment industry, I’ve always been fascinated by the blend of media, entertainment, and technology. Being a big fan of AI, I was eager to dive deep and see what could be achieved and how it would affect the industry.

I was really curious about what others were up to, so I made it a point to stay on top of the newest trends, so I built up a spreadsheet tracking all the top animators, the coolest AI tools, and the most inspiring animations out there. It became kind of an obsession, but in a good way! I just couldn’t get enough of this stuff.

Now, I feel like AI is really hitting its stride—the quality leaps are impossible to ignore. Sure, it’s not without its quirks, but the advancements in the past year have been nothing short of extraordinary. With the rise of AI, we’re seeing indie filmmakers and social media creators bring to life more compelling content than ever before. It’s the perfect time to showcase the possibilities with the latest AI animation tools.

I hope that it will become a gathering spot for AI film enthusiasts to explore, inspire,and grow together. A place where new talent is discovered, amazing Ai -enabled films are shared, and like-minded indy creators can connect.

I need your help please

In the meantime, I’d love for you to spread the word about AI Film Craft. The more people who get involved, the more awesome it’ll become.

Cheers, Andy

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What’s this all about?

This started as a personal project to collect inspirational Ai films and to learn about the tools available to create animations and shorts. Now I’ve opened it up to share with like-minded Ai creatives. See the About page.

Can I share my own Ai films or those I come across?

Yes, that’s the aim. I add Ai generated films I come across, but you are welcome to join in the fun. just Register.

Is it free?

Yes, totally free.

What can I upload?

You can’t actually upload content, but you can link to it. You can add a video link for YouTube, Vimeo, or X. It must be a video, not images.

How do I add content?

Click the ‘+’ button at the top, then fill out the form.

All I ask is…

  • Keep the title short and to the point.
  • Select just 1 category please.
  • You must add a description. Again, brief works best. If you know, mention the Ai tools used.
  • After adding, please share a link to your AiFilmCraft.com content on your social media channels. We need to get the word out!

What else can I do if I register?

You can favorite, bookmark, and share content on the site. You can also follow other contributors if you like their work. You can also follow content categories if you have a particular genre you want to track. On your profile, you can add your own social media links to help others find you.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes. When you register, you will also be added as a free subscriber to my AiArtandAnimation.com newsletter. I currently have over 2000 subscribers, and it just keeps growing. Free subs get one quality post each week (Monday), but if you want more, you can switch to a paid subscription to get 3 posts per week. You can of course unsubscribe at any time.

What if I need help?

Use the contact form to reach out to me and I’ll do my best to help. I’m on London, UK timezone.

What new features can I expect?

I’ll see how we go, but I can add music, lists, polls, and more. At this very early stage I don’t want users to be overwhelmed, so I’m keeping things clean and simple.